New Millennium Testament 


09/11/2020 The Biblical Prophecies about "Sept. 11" and the Fall of New York City 

The New Message & Birthday Gift for America

04/21/2019 Why God Allowed Notre Dame Cathedral Burn in Fire?

The Mss Shooting in the Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand

03/03/2019 Michael Cohen's Hearing Ruined the Nuclear Summit between the United States and North Korea
01/24/2019 The Celebration of Abomination of the Late-Term Abortion
01/21/2019 The Prophetic Meaning of the "Super Blood Wolf Moon"
12/25/2018 The Five Stages of the "Second Coming" prophesied in the Book of Revelation
05/01/2018 The Prophecy about the War in Iraq & Syria

The Training Camp for Pastors/Priests/Future Leaders

04/14/2018 The Open Call for 144,000 New Millennium Saints of the "Second Coming"
03/31/2018 Easter - The New Beginning for the "Second Coming"
02/28/2018 Farewell to Rev. Billy Graham
02/24/2018 The Reasonable Approaches on Gun Control
02/05/2018 The Prophetic Meaning of Super Bowl LII
10/31/2017 The New Reformation for Spiritual Renaissance
09/17/2017 The Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017

The Grace of God through Slavery

08/20/2017 TV Show "Revelation Fulfilled" Starts on August 20, 2017
07/04/2017 God is Marching On
06/30/2017 The End of ISIS
04/16/2017 The First Public Lecture on Revelation Fulfilled on Easter Sunday 2017
03/15/2017 The Prophecy on the Fall of Europe and the Last Salvation for Europeans
01/20/2017 Two Greatest Commandments to Make America Great Again 
01/01/2017 Message for Americans: Don't Forget the Motto in Your Wallet - "In God We Trust"  

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