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Michael Cohen's Congressional Hearing
Ruined the Nuclear Summit between 
the United States and North Korea 


On February 28, 2019, President Donald Trump of the United States and Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea hold a second Nuclear Summit at Hanoi, Vietnam, to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Unfortunately, both leaders failed to reach an agreement on the denuclearization of the nuclear facilities in North Korea and the end of the economic sanctions on North Korea.

After the failed summit meeting, President Trump made the announcement that North Korea demanded the full lift of the economic sanctions before the total denuclearization of North Korea, which the United States would not agree so that he walked away from the Nuclear Summit with Kim Jong Un after a two-hour meeting. They even canceled the pre-planned lunch together.

One day later, North Korea also made the statement to clarify that North Korea only asked for the partial lift of the economic sanctions imposed after March 2016 and they were serious about the denuclearization of North Korea and dismantle the Yongbyon nuclear complex. In Kim Jong Unís own words, "If I'm not willing to do that, I won't be here right now."

In fact, Kim Jong Un traveled two-and-a-half day over 2,800 miles from North Korea through China to Vietnam in his fully armored family train. He was serious to make a deal with the United States to trade in his nuclear facilities for the end of economic sanctions. North Korea even planned a big celebration to announce the official End-of-war Declaration of the Korean War if North Korea and the United States could make a joint statement after this Nuclear Summit.

In the same stretch, President Trump also flew over 8,000 miles to Vietnam to meet with Kim Jong Un to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Both leaders wanted to make a deal to end the nuclear crisis in the Korean Peninsula and bring peace to Northeastern Asia. So what caused such an abrupt break-up of this important Nuclear Summit?

The answer is: Michael Cohenís Congressional Hearing on February 27 in Washington DC.

During the Michael Cohenís Congressional hearing right before the Nuclear Summit between the United States and North Korea, Michael Cohen fiercely attacked President Trump as a ďracist, cheat, con-manĒ, which greatly irritated President Trump 8,000 miles away and put him in a very bad mood. Along with the jet-leg from an 8,000-mile flight and maybe lack of sleep due to the 12-hour time-zone difference, President Trump was definitely not in a good mood for negotiation in the meeting with Kim Jong Un next morning. Thatís why when Kim Jong Un requested the lift of the economic sanctions before the full denuclearization, President Trump simply walked out of the meeting. Thatís a big loss for both the United States and North Korea.

After the breakup of the Summit, the United States blamed North Korea on their high demand for lifting the economic sanctions before the full denuclearization. But isnít that part of the negotiation? No one should expect one party to totally yield to other partyís request in such a big deal. As the nuclear crisis in North Korea has been fermented for a few decades, it is unrealistic to expect the complete denuclearization in one nigh. It will take a step-by-step approach to build up trust and denuclearize North Korea with the lift of economic sanctions.

What the United States should do is to temporally lift partial economic sanctions in exchange for partial denuclearization of the nuclear facilities in North Korea. Once it is completed and verified, then the United States can lift another partial economic sanction against the denuclearization of other parts of nuclear facilities and warheads in North Korea. Repeat these processes until North Korea is fully denuclearized.

As President Trump is an experienced negotiator and deal-maker, he would have taken this kind of approach if he was not in such a bad mood due to Michael Cohenís accusation during Congressional hearing. Instead of coming home empty-handed after the 8,000-mile flight, President Trump could have an end-of-war declaration and peace treaty with North Korea to officially end the Korean War started nearly seventy years ago. That could bring permanent peace to the Korean Peninsula and bring 28,500 American troops back home.

Therefore, I hope that the US Congress can stand behind the President of the United States when there is an international nuclear crisis at the stake. Just like a professional athlete needs the full concentration to compete for the gold medal in the Olympic final, President also needs the full concentration to negotiate the best deal on a nuclear crisis. Even if some Congressmen/women donít like the President, they could wait a few days till the Nuclear Summit was over before they hold the public hearing against the President. That would be for the best interest of the nation.


P.S. This article was drafted on Sunday, March 3, and the news broke out on Monday morning that President blamed Michael Cohenís hearing for the collapse of the Nuclear Summit with North Korea, which confirms the analysis in this article.



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