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Put People’s Life First

The Reasonable Approaches on Gun Control


On the Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, seventeen young lives were lost in another campus shooting in Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida. Just in less than two months in 2018, there were 18 school shootings across the United States.

When can we stop the loss of life to those evil killings in public places like schools and concerts? It’s time for all lawmakers and the President of the United States to put together a reasonable plan to reduce gun crimes and save more lives.

Although the gun right was protected by the US Constitution, the restriction on certain powerful assault weapons, just like the ban on automatic machine guns, does not violate the Second Amendment. There are some practical approaches to limit the access of these powerful semiautomatic weapons without violating the Second Amendment. That can reduce the risk of powerful weapons falling into the wrong hands and save more lives.

1. Prevent the People with Mental Illness & Sociopath from Purchasing and Possessing Firearms.

Currently, different states have different laws regarding the restriction on purchasing firearms by the people with mental illness. Some states don’t even have any law to prevent the people with mental illness from purchasing firearms. That’s very dangerous and irresponsible for public safety. There should be a Federal Law that prohibits the people with mental illness to purchase and own any firearm.

During the Obama Era, there was a regulation enacted after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that required the Social Security Administration to send record of beneficiaries with severe mental disabilities to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Unfortunately, it was repealed by the Congress and President Trump in 2017. Now it’s time for Congress to establish a comprehensive law to prevent the people with mental illness from purchasing and possessing firearms.

First, the government should set up a special databank of the people with mental illness for firearms background check only. Not only the Social Security Administration should send record of beneficiaries with severe mental disabilities to this databank, but all mental healthcare providers should also report their patient status to this special databank for firearm background checks purpose. That’s the way to prevent the people with mental illness from purchase and possess firearms that could post great risk to public safety.

Second, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI should pay close attention to the extreme comments and posts on the social media as well as those abnormal behaviors reported by the local gun shops. Most of these criminals of mass shootings had post something extreme on the social media or had abnormal behaviors before they committed the horrible crimes.

In fact, the mass killer in Florida High School shooting case was already reported to FBI, but FBI did not pay attention to it. The mass killer in Las Vegas Concert shooting also showed the sign of abnormal behavior by purchasing large quantity of firearms and ammunitions within one year period, but FBI and local law enforcement could not do anything reacting to this alarming sign. If the Department of Homeland Security and FBI can take some precautious measurements, like calling these suspects into questioning or getting a search warrants for excessive firearms, before the tragedies happened, many lives could be saved at very little cost and effort at the early stage of these criminal plans.

2. Increase the Legal Age of Hand Gun and Semiautomatic Weapon Ownership to 21 and 30

At most states, there are laws to prohibit people from purchasing and drinking alcohol under the age of 21. If someone cannot be trusted to drink beer under 21, how could they be trusted to own guns under the age of 21?

At this age, most young kids play too much video games featuring violent fighting and shootings. Some young kids could not separate the virtual reality from the real world and sometimes they may have the urge to do something stupid that they will regret later. The 18 cases of school shootings in the first one month and a half in 2018 are the clear proofs of this kind of immaturity. The best way to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening is simply increasing the limit of the legal age of gun ownership to the age of 21. If you can’t trust them with beers, you shouldn’t trust them with guns.

More importantly, due to the current technology, some of the semiautomatic rifles are more powerful than those machine guns or automatic rifles in World War I and World War II. It should be treated with more caution than regular rifle and hand guns. Therefore, the legal age for people to purchase and own a semiautomatic rifle or other assault weapons should be even higher than those hand gun owners.

Here is the suggested legal age for purchasing and owning firearms:

a) Increase the Legal Age of Hand Gun Ownership to 21

b) Increase the Legal Age of Semiautomatic Rifle Ownership to 30

This is not the violation of Second Amendment because the young people above 21 still can purchase handgun for self-defense. It is just to prevent the powerful assault weapons fall into the hands of some hotheaded or emotional unstable young people. If the machine guns and automatic rifles can be banned, it is reasonable to put more restriction on who can purchase and own those powerful semiautomatic rifles or any other assault weapons.

3. Have Strict Restriction on Military-grade Firearms

In 1996, when a gunman in Australia killed 35 people with a semiautomatic weapon, Australia government enacted a comprehensive firearm law to ban semiautomatic weapons and purchase back the existing semi-automatic weapons in private holding. The mass shooting never happened again in Australia. This is a good example on how to stop mass shootings and save innocent lives by banning all those powerful weapons altogether.

However, the complete banning of semiautomatic assault weapons in the United States is almost impossible due to too many this kind of assault weapon in the market and in private holding at this time. So here are some practical ways to regulate these kinds of assault weapons to protect more innocent lives without the violation of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution:

A) All the Automatic Rifles, Machine Guns, Bumper Stock and High-capacity Magazines should be banned

These automatic rifles and machine guns are just the killer weapons not for self-defense but for mass killing only. Although many states already banned these automatic assault weapons, there are still some loopholes in some states to let people purchase them. They should be completely banned across the country and any violation of this law should be prosecuted at the Federal Level.

Another issue is about the bumper stocks that can turn a semiautomatic rifle into an automatic rifle and the high-capacity magazines that can shoot hundreds rounds of bullets without replacing the magazine. If the killer did not have the high-capacity magazines, he would have killed fewer people. All these accessories that can help the killer kill more people in shorter time should also be banned.

B) Require Special License to Purchase and Own Semiautomatic Weapons

In the United States, any profession that could impact public safety requires a special license. An electrician needs to have a license, a plumber needs to have a license, a mechanics needs to have a license, even a cook in the restaurant needs to have food handler permit. How could government allow people without any experience, any proper training, and any professional license or permit to own and operate a semiautomatic weapon that can kill 20 people in one minute? That’s a serious oversight of the government.

The Second Amendment protects people’s legal right to own weapons for self-defense, but for those high-power assault weapons, people need to go through a mandatory education course (10-20 hours) and get proper license before they can purchase and use these powerful semiautomatic rifles. It’s like those who drive commercial semi trucks requires a more comprehensive commercial driver license than those who just drive a sedan or SUV because the semi truck poses greater risk on public safety than normal sedan and SUV.

C) Set up Anti-mass-shooting Alert System

Since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the US Government established the Department of Homeland Security to closely monitor any sign or tip of terrorist attack. It has worked very well to stop the terrorist attacks in the United States. Now, it’s time to apply the same principle and techniques to monitor any sign or tip of mass shooting massacres in the United States.

i) Social Media Alert System

Many of the killers showed the signs of their disturbing mental illness and evil plots on their social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If the authority can investigate and respond to those signs and alerts on the social media earlier, the tragedies could be averted and many lives could be saved.

In the terrorist alert system, if someone posts any terrorist-related information on the social media, they will be investigated, arrested and prosecuted. It should be the same way for those who post mass shooting threats on their social media. If we can pass the law that requires everyone to have a special license for owning a semiautomatic weapon as suggested above, then those people who post public threat should have their license revoked and their assault weapons confiscated or government buy-back. That will stop the tragedy from happening right at the beginning.

ii) Excessive Weapon Alert System

In the US Banking system, if someone deposits cash more than $10,000, he should file a report to the Anti-money-laundry system. If he deposits excessive amount of cash into his account, it will trigger the Anti-Money-Laundry alert and his account could be freezed or terminated. In the same way, if someone purchases large quantity of guns, especially the semiautomatic rifles, in a short period of time, the government agency should reported to the local law enforcement and freeze his capability to purchase more assault weapons.

Before the Las Vegas Massacre, the police and FBI already noticed the abnormality of the shooter on purchasing large quantity of assault weapons within one year. Any person who purchases large quantity of assault weapons not only poses great threat for public safety, but also has the great potential of losing these assault weapons into the hands of criminals.

Currently, it is reported about 12,000 guns were stolen every year. Most of them went to the black market and fall into the hands of criminals. Most criminal gangs and drug cartels also used some legal US citizens as “Straw buyers” to purchase these assault weapons for them. That’s why the Mexican drug cartels have more firepower than Mexican policemen have and murder rate in Mexico skyrocketed in the last two decades. That’s a serious threat to the public safety as well as to the lives of police. If the government agency could closely monitor this kind of behavior, hundreds and thousands of people’s lives could be saved.

What happened in Mexico should be an alarming warning to Americans. If the criminals have the semiautomatic assault weapons that overpower the hand guns used by law enforcement and by civilians for self-protection, there will be no safety for the public. For the public safety, we need both the Second Amendment for gun right and the strict law to regulate the access to these powerful semiautomatic rifles and all other assault weapons.

The above are the suggestions for the gun controls without violating the Second Amendment. These reasonable approaches on gun controls is not to take away people’s constitutional right of owning guns, but to protect more innocent people from mass killings.


Some Misconceptions on Gun Control

Misconception 1: “If we start gun control now, it will be a slippery slope that will lead to the ban of all weapons and violate the Second Amendment of US Constitution.”

Rebuttal: This slippery slope analogy is not a proper analogy here. It’s like someone claim a kiss will lead to pregnancy just because someone may fall in love after a kiss and get married and have a baby. There is a long road from a kiss to marriage and then to having a baby. There is no slippery slope between a kiss and a baby, nor is there a slippery slope between strict regulation on semiautomatic weapons and the abolishment of the Second Amendment.

The main concern here is how to stop the mass killing with military-grade semiautomatic weapon. No one wants to take away people’s constitutional right of gun ownership. As long as the mass killing with automatic or semiautomatic assault weapons is stopped, there is no slippery slope to the exaggerated consequences as NRA tried to scare people off.

Misconception 2: “There are always some criminals break the current law, so there is no need for a new law.”

Rebuttal: This is like to suggest that there is no need for speed limit just because there is always someone driving over the speed limit. Actually, a law always has its impact on the society. There are less people driving over 70 MPH in the 40 MPH zone than in the 60 MPH zone. The higher the bar is, the higher the achievement will be. Although we cannot eliminate 100% of gun crimes, but the tougher the law is, the less the chance these psychos and criminals can get their hands on these powerful assault weapons to cause those horrible tragedies to American families.

Remember, most of these mass killers got their semiautomatic rifles LEGALLY. That means the law is still effective even though it is too loose to stop the tragedy. If we can have a tougher law on gun control, we can save more innocent lives from these evil mass shootings.

Misconception 3: “The good people can use guns to stop the bad guys with guns.”

Rebuttal: It is true that guns are useful for self-defense. But there is a critical factor in self-defense, which is to stop the bad guys to have powerful assault weapons. If some thieves come to your home with knifes, you can scare them off with your hand guns. What if someone comes to your home with semiautomatic rifles like AR-15, can you still fight them with your hand gun? Even if you have AR-15 at home, do you like to shoot each other and die together with those criminals? That’s probably not what you want to see.

In fact, no matter how many semiautomatic weapons you have at home, you cannot carry them to public places, like bars, concerts, and public schools, to protect yourself. Most of the country music fans in the Las Vegas Concert Massacre have guns at home or evn in the truck, but it won’t help them against the shooters with 20 semiautomatic rifles shooting from above to the concert place. So the key for your own safety and self-defense not only depends on whether you have guns or not, but also depends on how you can prevent those powerful assault weapons from falling into the hands of psychos and criminals. That’s why we need both Second Amendment and tougher gun control regulations.

Misconception 4: “The gun right is protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Any gun control legislation is the violation of the Second Amendment.”

Rebuttal: Yes, the gun right is the constitutional right protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, but there is a difference on what kinds of weapons the civilians can have. Can any American civilian purchase or own a military tank or air-force fighter jet? No! Can any American civilian purchase, own and trade any missile or nuclear weapons? Absolutely not! Do these laws and restrictions violate the Second Amendment of the US Constitution? No.

Therefore, there is no violation of the Second Amendment by restricting the usage or ownership on those powerful assault weapons. When the technology made the semiautomatic assault weapons so powerful at killing people in a short period of time, it should be highly regulated. This is not about taking away people’s constitutional right, but about saving people’s life. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers of this nation made it very clear that “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” are the unalienable rights of this nation. No one should put his right above other people’s life.

I hope all the lawmakers should have more mercy and respect on people’s life above any other right. Don’t just utter the words of “thought and prayer” without any action, for “faith without deed is dead, just as the body without the spirit is dead.” (James 2:26) Don’t let those donations, or as someone called “blood money”, from those gun lobbyists take control of your conscience, and don’t put the gun right above other people’s life. All members of the Congress should have the moral and divine obligation to do something and stop the mass killings.

Special Message for the Members of NRA:

I know the majority of your members of NRA are Christians. I hope you can remember the Word of Jesus, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52, Revelation 13:10) The same rule applies to the gun too.

Some of your leaders went too far to the extreme to block any gun control legislation. That has led to too many mass shootings in the nation, especially those mass shootings that took away the innocent lives of school children. I hope you can balance the right of the Second Amendment and lives of innocent people. Do not be deceived by the evil spirit to use your donation and votes to promote powerful assault weapons that kill other people. That’s Satan’s plot.

Be merciful, just as your Father in heaven is merciful.” (Luke 6:36)

God Bless!

Son of Man
The “Man Child” for the “Second Coming”
(Revelation 12:5, 16:15 & 19:11)


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