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The Prophecy on the Fall of Europe and the Last Salvation for Europeans

Currently, many European countries are experiencing the turmoil of foreign migrants clashing with local residents, and the cases of rape and sexually assault committed by foreign migrants or refugees are increasing at an astonishing rate. In some countries, like Sweden and Britain, those foreign migrants created their own communities as “no-go zones” and native Europeans could be attacked if they entered. Even the police and local authority dare not enter these kinds of “no go zones”.

This actually is just the beginning of the nightmare for Europeans because those migrant families have 4 to 1 birth rate against the native European families. That ratio could be even higher if the migrant has multiple wives. Although they are still the minority in the society at this time, their new born babies already reach forty percent (40%) of the new born population in certain areas. Within thirty to fifty years, they will become the majority of the society. Just like the former Libya dictator Gaddafi predicted, Muslims would take over Europe without a bullet, only with a higher birth rate, within decades.

On the YouTube, there are many videos showing those foreign migrants attacking native Europeans, news reporters, police stations, and beating local women and school boys when they outnumbered or overpowered the victims. Once they become the majority of the society, it will truly be the nightmare for Europeans.

Many people blamed the fall of Europe to those politicians, but they don’t understand the higher level spiritual reason behind the fall of Europe. It’s almost identical to the fall of Israel twenty five hundred years ago.

1. The Lesson from the Fall of Israel 

Israel once was a blessed nation. God blessed King Solomon with great wisdom and wealth, but in his later years, King Solomon turned his back to God and followed his foreign wives and concubines from other countries to worship foreign gods and idols. God became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from the Lord, but for the great works of David− the father of Solomon, God did not punish Solomon until he died. (1 Kings 11)

After Solomon died, God took away ten out of the twelve tribes of Israel from Solomon’s heirs, but still protected them for the sake of David for several generations. After the majority of Israel abandoned the faith in God in 6th century BC, God finally gave up on Israelites and let Babylonians invade Jerusalem and destroy the Temple in 586 BC. All the wealth that Israel accumulated for several hundred years were taken away by the Babylonians and most Israelis were either killed or captured as slaves deported to Babylon.

Now Europeans are making the same mistake of turning away from God as those Israelis made twenty five hundred years ago. Because of people’s faith in Christ, especially after Martin Luther’s Reformation, God has blessed the Europe with great success on scientific discovery, technological development and economic prosperity. But after they received such great blessing of God, Europeans began to turn their hearts away from God. Bible reading and prayer became the memory of the past, and beautiful churches became the empty landmarks for tourists. As the result, when people abandon the faith in God/Christ, God will also abandon His people by taking His blessing away from them. Then what happened to Israel twenty five hundred years ago will happen to Europeans in the near future.

2. The Consequence of the Rising of Radical Islamic Extremism in Europe

With the fast growing rate of Muslim population, through both immigration and higher birth rate, Muslim population will become the majority population in Europe in the next several decades. Then, just by using the votes through democratic election, Muslims will take control of the government like what already happened in some of the largest cities in Europe, such as London and Rotterdam. Fortunately, the current Muslim mayors of London and Rotterdam are moderate and western educated Muslims. But with more and more young and intolerant Muslims reaching the voting age and inspired by radical Islamic extremists, it is just a matter of time before those radical Islamic extremists outnumber Christians and moderate Muslims and take control of European government through “democratic election”. Then Europe will become another extension of the Middle East and they will turn the beautiful Europe into the same war-torn impoverished countries which they just escaped from.

While the liberal medias constantly attack Christianity but turn blind on this dramatic demographic change in Europe, they are digging their own graves through political correctness. Once these radical Islamic extremists take control of the government, political correctness will be cut off by the Sword of Islam and freedom of speech will be shut down by the Sharia Law. If you dare to express different opinions, the twelve dead editors and cartoonists in Charlie Hebdo will be your precedents.

Once the Sharia Law is established in Europe, European women could be openly beaten on the street or at the beach for dressing improperly. And before they realize it, European women could be forced to accept the reality as the third or fourth wives, or even sex slaves, of Muslim men, like what happened in the ISIS. Those who don’t want to convert to Islam will either be killed or pay humiliating tax as the secondary class citizens in their own countries. What happened to Christians in the Middle East will happen to Christians in Europe and what happened to the minority white people in South Africa will happen to the minority white people in Europe. This is not wild imagination in the scary movies; it is the cold hard fact without any sugar-coating in the real world.

3. The Future of Europe

By that time, Europeans will have only two choices, either submitting to Muslim’s rule as the minority and secondary class citizens or raising religious wars all across Europe. The once peaceful and prosperous Europe will be torn apart by the religious civil wars, like what happened during the religious war period from 1550 to 1650. As the result, Europe could end up splitting into two states, a Christian State and an Islamic state, like what happened in India and Pakistan. Those children of native Europeans will mourn on the consequence of their forefathers’ liberalism of denying God and losing faith in Christ, just like those Israelis who were captured as slaves in Babylon mourn on their forefathers’ sins of turning away from God.

This will be the Fall of Europe in the next several decades, unless Europeans can repent and revive their faith in God and Christ.

“O Europe, Europe, thou that mocked the prophets and attacked them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not receive the blessing of God henceforth, till ye shall say, ’Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.’”

4. The Last Salvation for Europeans

Currently. ninety percent of Europeans don't go to church any more, and most of them haven't even touched the Bible for years. It is too late and too little for the local churches to do anything to revert the trend of losing the blessing of God for Europe. The only hope for the Last Salvation of Europe is for the government of European nations to intervene disregarding the political correctness and publicly celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's Reformation all across Europe to rekindle people's faith in Christ and the spirit of "Salvation by Faith" that led Europe out of the Dark Age five hundred years ago.

Before the Protestant Reformation, Europe had been in the Dark Age for almost a thousand years. But after the Reformation, Europe took off and became the most developed continent in the world. The most significant factor behind such dramatic change and great success of both scientific and economic development in Europe is the blessing of God through the Salvation by Faith movement and the accessibility of the Bible for individual study. Jesus is the Word in Flesh and the Bible is the Word in Text. After the ascendance of Jesus back to the kingdom of heaven, the Bible is the Word in Text that connects people to God. When people stop reading the Bible, they lost that connection to God, thus they also lost the blessing of God.

Therefore, it is critical for Europeans to rekindle their faith in Christ through the Bible study. Not only the local churches should offer more Bible study classes during the week, all public schools should also offer Bible study class to all students regardless of their ethnic or religious background, for the teaching of Jesus on love and forgiveness is the best instrument to protect young students, especially those young immigrants, from brainwashing by the radical doctrines of religious extremism. For the Bible translation and individual Bible study were the main achievements of the Reformation, they were also the key factors that brought the blessing of God to European nations after the Reformation. Those former Communist nations in the Eastern Europe were the proof on how people lost the blessing God after they abandoned or forbade the church service and Bible study. 

Now as Christianity is marginalized and facing the distinction in Europe, it's time for Europeans to come back to church and honor the Sabbath day of the Lord, whether it is on Saturday or Sunday. Although people's faith is a personal matter, it is more powerful when people of faith worship and pray together than they pray separately because Jesus once said, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." (Matthew 18:20) Therefore it's time for the revival of Evangelism in Europe to rekindle people's faith in Christ, for only the Salvation of Christ can save Christianity in Europe from falling into distinction. Those Europeans who still cherish their traditional faith and are grateful to the blessing of God for their success should appreciate the opportunity that they can still go to the church to worship their Lord, otherwise, they may lose that right soon just like those Jews lost their temple in Jerusalem.

Repent and rekindle your faith like the people in Nineveh did so that Europe can be saved like the City of Nineveh was saved in the Book of Jonah. 

May the Christendom in Europe rest in peace, or revive in glory with the restored faith in Christ!

Son of Man

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