"Hosanna to the Son of David!
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! 
Hosanna in the Highest!

--- Matthew 21:9



The Prophetic Meaning of Super Bowl LII


This year, the Super Bowl LII is played between the National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles and the American Football Conference and defending Super Bowl LI champion New England Patriots. In the end, Philadelphia Eagles defeated defending champion New England Patriots, 41Ė33, to win their first Super Bowl and their first NFL title since 1960.

Although it is just a sport game, as the most watched game in the United States, this Super Bowl LII does have a special prophetic meaning this year. Both Philadelphia and Boston, where New England Patriots based, are the two great cities with significant historical ties to the birth of this New Nation, the United States of America.

The American War of Independence, also known as the American Revolutionary War, was started by the Boston Tea Party where a group of patriots destroyed an entire shipment of tea coming through East India Company. After the victory of the American Revolution, the first capital of this New Nation was Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Eagle was chosen on June 20, 1782, as the National Emblem of the United States of America.

Therefore, it was Boston (New England) Patriots started the American Revolution but the Philadelphia Eagle won the Final Prize. Thatís the exactly how this Super Bowl LII played out with New England Patriots coming as defending champion with the MVP of the season. But Philadelphia Eagle has the most faithful group of Christian brothers in their team, just like the Founding Fathers were mostly the faithful people of God. In the end, the blessing of God favored the young and faithful players of Philadelphia and gave them the first Super Bowl Champion in their team history.

In fact, God likes both these two great teams as they represent the birth of this New Nation of God with faith, courage and patriotism. Thatís why God made these two great teams into the champions of National Football Conference and American Football Conference and let them meet at the Super Bowl LII. It prophesies that God will bless this nation again if people can re-establish their faith and patriotism the Founding Fathers built this nation upon.

The Players of Philadelphia Eagle Pray



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