New Millennium Testament 

Volume I

Revelation Fulfilled
Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation


Table of Contents 

Chapter 1. The Mystery of Prophecy  (Revelation 1) (Free Preview)
  • The Nature of Prophecy (Book of Daniel vs. Book of Revelation)
  • Fulfillment of Prophecy through Historical Events, not Supernatural Phenomena
  • Multiple Visions for Multiple Confirmation (Seven Letters + Visions in Heaven)
Chapter 2. The Seven Letters to Seven Churches  (Revelation 2-3) (Free Preview)

The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches prophesied seven historical periods in the Christian history

  • Ephesus: Apostolic Period of Christianity (30 A.D. - 100 A.D.)
  • Smyrna: Persecuted Period of Christianity (100 A.D. - 313 A.D.)
  • Pergamum: Elevated Period of Christianity (313 A.D. - 590 A.D.)
  • Thyatira: Authoritative Period of Christianity (590 A.D. - 1517 A.D.)
  • Sardis: Reformed Period of Christianity (1517 A.D. - 1730s A.D.)
  • Philadelphia: Missionary Period of Christianity (1730s A.D. - 1900s A.D.)
  • Laodicea: Apostate Period of Christianity (1900s A.D. - 2000 A.D.)
Chapter 3. The Vision of Heaven  (Revelation 4-5) (Order Now)
  • The Lord sitting on the Great Throne with twenty-four Elders sitting on the twenty four thrones around Him and four living creatures 
  • The Lamb standing in front of the throne opened the seals on the Scroll
  • All angels, elders and living creatures praised and worshipped BOTH the Lord who sits on the throne AND the Lamb who stands in front of the throne
Chapter 4. The "Seven Seals" (From the "Four Riders" to the "Four Trumpet") (Revelation 6-8) (Order Now)
  • The First Seal - a Rider on a White Horse: Constantine the Great - Establishing first Christian Kingdom on the earth (313 AD)
  • The Second Seal - a Rider on a Red Horse: Rising of Islam - Preaching Faith by the Sword (610 AD)
  • The Third Seal - a Rider on a Black Horse: Expansion of Arabic Empire through Trade Network (750 AD)
  • The Fourth Seal - a Rider on a Pale Horse: The Crusade (1096-1291), Great Famine (1315-1317), Black Death (1346-1351) Mongolian Invasion (1241-1258) The Fall of Byzantine (1453)
  • The Fifth Seal - Crying Souls under the Altar: Religious Persecution & the Inquisition (13th - 14th Century)
  • The Sixth Seal - The Sign of the End Time (Earthquake, Sun Darkened, Blood Moons): The End of the Dark Age - the Renaissance
  • 144,000 Sealed & The Great Multitude in White Robes - The Reformation (1517)
  • The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer: The religious conflicts and wars between the Protestants and the Catholics (16th-17th Century)
  • The Four Trumpets with the Disasters of the Exodus - The Protestant Exodus from the Catholic Church and came to the New Continent - America (17th -18th Century)
Chapter 5. The Falling Star and the King "Apollyon" (Revelation 9) (Order Now)
  • The rising of the Illuminati & Luciferian Influence
  • The French Revolution & Napoleon Wars
Chapter 6. The "Two Witnesses" & the "Mystery of God" (Revelation 10-11) (Order Now)
  • The "Two Witnesses" of God with the Spirit and Mission of Moses & Elijah 
  • The American Prophet and the Mormon Exodus in the United States
  • The "Civil War" and "In God We Trust"
  • The "Mystery of God" was revealed in Baha'ism
  • To Prepare the way for the "Man Child" in Revelation 12
Chapter 7. The Red Dragon and the Birth of the "Man Child" (Revelation 12) (Order Now)
  • The "Red Dragon" and "One-third of Stars" falling out of the heaven - The Communist Movement, the largest anti-God rebellion in the human history
  • The "Man Child" born under the reign of the "Red Dragon" during the peak period of the religious persecution and the pre-emptive strike of the "Red Dragon"
  • The Archangel Michael and his army of angels defeated the "Red Dragon" - the End of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Collapse of the Communism
Chapter 8. The Two Beasts and the Mark of "666" (Revelation 13) (Order Now)
  • The Beast out of the Sea - The Spirit of the Antichrist waged wars on Christianity with humanism, defeated the saints and held authority over "every tribe, people, language and nation": Christian faith is under attack and on the decline in the western Christian world
  • The Beast out of the Earth - The Spirit of False Prophet influenced the idol-worshipping and money-worshipping materialism
Chapter 9. The Eternal Gospel and Harvest on the Earth (Revelation 14) (Order Now)
  • The Spirit of the Lamb / the "Man Child" who was lifted to heaven after his birth and His 144,000 followers waiting for the time of the "Second Coming"
  • The New Revelation of the "Eternal Gospel" for "every nation, tribe, language and people" to defeat the Beasts in Chapter 13
  • The warning of the "hour of Judgment" and the warning of the fall of Babylon
  • The Spiritual Preparation of the Lamb/"Son of Man" for the "Second Coming"
Chapter 10. The Enlightenment of the New Millennium (Order Now)
  • The Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening of the "Man Child" before and after the New Millennium - The real miraculous event happened on the earth before and after the year 2000 
Chapter 11. The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath (Revelation 15 & 16) (Order Now)
  • The First Bowl of God's Wrath - The ugly and painful sores
  • The Second Bowl of God's Wrath - The sea turned into blood
  • The Third Bowl of God's Wrath - The river and springs of water became blood
  • The Fourth Bowl of God's Wrath - The intense heat from the sun
  • The Fifth Bowl of God's Wrath - The kingdom plunged into darkness
  • The Sixth Bowl of God's Wrath - The drought of the Euphrates River and the War of Armageddon
  • The Seventh Bowl of God's Wrath - The Fall of Babylon
Chapter 12. The Fall of Babylon (Revelation 17 &18) (Order Now)

Where is the City of Babylon the Great?

  • The City of Political Power where all the kings of the earth gathered
  • The City of Economic Power
  • The City of Merchant & Trade Center
  • The City of Wealth & Luxury 
  • The City of Fashion, Art & Music
  • The City of Harbor
  • The City of Ethnic Diversification
  • The City of Arrogance & Blasphemy
  • The City Symbolized by a Woman 
  • The Design of the Statue of Liberty and its pedestal
Chapter 13. The "Second Coming" for the "New Millennium" (Revelation 19-22) (Order Now)
  • The Apocalyptic Signs of the "End Time" and the "Second Coming"
  • The real meaning of the multiple "Second Coming" prophesied in the Bible
  • The difference between the real "Second Coming" and false christ and false prophets
  • What happened for the "Second Coming" both in the real world and in the spiritual world?
  • Where is the "New Jerusalem" for the "Second Coming"?
  • What's the mission for the "Second Coming"?
  • What will people get from this "Second Coming"?
Chapter 14. Message for Americans: Don't Forget the Motto in Your Wallet 
"In God We Trust"
(Free for Public)
  • The New Nation of God
  • The Separation of Church and State 
  • In God We Trust

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