Frequently Asked Questions on 

The Prophecies in the Book of Revelation and
the "Second Coming"


1. Are the prophecies in the Book of Revelation about the disasters at the "End of the World" or "End Time"?

2. What's the difference between the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation?

3. What's the difference between this book, Revelation Fulfilled, and all other commentary books on the Book of Revelation?

4. Will the "Second Coming" happen as a supernatural phenomenon of Christ coming from the sky or a natural phenomenon of born as a child like Jesus was born two thousand years ago?

5. How would the "Second Coming" happen according to the prophecies in the Book of Revelation?

6. What will happen for the "Rapture"?

7. Would the "Second Child" in the Bible for the "Second Coming" come as the same person of Jesus Christ with the same name?

8. How do I tell the difference between the real Son of Man for the "Second Coming" and those false christs and counterfeiters?

9. What's the purpose of this New Revelation of the "Eternal Gospel" in Revelation 14:6?

10. After all these Frequently Asked Questions, here is the last question for you: If Christ is here knocking on your door, what will you do?

If you have any question regarding the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, please fill out the contact form below with your question or comment. We will get back to you or add it to the FAQ on this website. 

For those who want to learn the New Millennium Testament and "reign with Christ a thousand years," (Revelation 20:4) please sign up for the newsletter on the New Millennium Testament and pass this information to your friends, church members and the pastors/priests of your local churches. Those who can participate in this New Mission of the "Second Coming" for the New Millennium Kingdom will be blessed not only for this life but also for the eternal life after this life.

God Bless.  


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